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Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Dr. Efimov has been traveling the past couple weeks. He visited the University of Arkansas to review their graduate Biomedical Engineering programs and visited Taiwan for the Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society annual sessions.
  • Lilly provided a lab update on the doxorubicin project. She has been working with Sharon on the histology to determine any structural remodeling of the heart.
  • Congratulations to all who presented at the BMES Conference in Atlanta this past week:
    • Kadar Aras, “Electrophysiological Profile of Human Right Ventricular Outflow Tract”

Visit to Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta

April 16 and 17 I visited Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta at the University of Calgary, Canada. Snow storm prevented my visit last year, and another snow storm tried to stop me this year, all flights via Minneapolis were cancelled except one! It was an honor to present the Dr. E. R. Smith Lecture in Cardiovascular Research, which was the keynote lecture at the annual Libin Cardiovascular Institute's Tine Haworth Research Day 2018. My lecture was titled "New Technology for Human Heart Physiology".

Anastasia Carr received Clare Booth Luce Research Scholarship for 2018-2019!

Congratulations to Anastasia! She was one of only four inagural Clare Booth Luce Research Scholarships, which will fund her undergraduate research project in 2018-2019! She submitted a proposal to study "The transient outward potassium channel (Ito): contribution and modulation of human cardiac repolarization". She will work with Dr. Rokhaya Faye on this project, where they will use siRNA and CAGE technlogy to investigate transcriptional regulation of cardiac repolarization in human heart. 

Open source 3D panoramic imaging software and hardware published in Scientific Reports

Panoramic imaging of excitation in rabbit heart produced by ventricular pacing.

Fluorescence optical imaging techniques have revolutionized the field of cardiac electrophysiology and advanced our understanding of complex electrical activities such as arrhythmias. However, traditional monocular optical mapping systems, despite having high spatial resolution, are restricted to a two-dimensional (2D) field of view. Consequently, tracking complex three-dimensional (3D) electrical waves such as during ventricular fibrillation is challenging as the waves rapidly move in and out of the field of view.

Happy Birthday Dr. Efimov!

Today is Dr. Efimov's birthday! At the lab, we celebrated Dr. Efimov's lab by singing him Happy Birthday and eating some delicious chocolate cake. Here is a picture of the lab celebrating his birthday. We wish Dr. Efimov the best and hope he has an amazing day!

Lab Meeting Weekly Update

·       Dr. Efimov has been traveling within the past two weeks, and he discussed with the lab his trips! First, he went to Japan to attend a conference, and then he traveled to Russia also to attend a conference.

·       Dr. Aras updated the lab on the John Rogers lab and Waldo lab collaborations.

·       Brianna, Sofian, and Dr. George will be attending the 7th NHLBI Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Symposium this week, and Brianna and Sofian will be presenting their research.

Papers and projects to look out for in the future:

Journal Club #3

Journal Club is back everyone! Today, we had our third journal club where most of our lab members attended and Dr. Sharon George gave an amazing presentation. She possesses great presentation skills and shared her advice and tips with the lab. Her tips summarized how to format your presentation in order to project your point across different audiences.

Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Last week, Dr. Efimov attended the American Heart Association Scientific Session in Portland, Oregon and informed the lab on the several talks he attended.
  • We have a new student in our lab! Valerie from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is joining us, and we look forward to her time at the lab.

Papers and projects to look out for in the future:

Lab Meeting Weekly Update

  • Last week, Dr. Efimov and some lab team members had a meeting with Dr. Kabanov and his team member from UNC to discuss future collaborations!
  • Dr. Kedar Aras updated the lab on his Human LV Wedge project where he is trying to characterize arrhythmia in the wedge
  • Jaclyn Brennan updated the lab on the progress of the upcoming JOVE paper that several of our lab members are working on

Papers and projects to look out for in the future: