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Lab Meeting Weekly Update

·       Dr. Efimov has been traveling within the past two weeks, and he discussed with the lab his trips! First, he went to Japan to attend a conference, and then he traveled to Russia also to attend a conference.

·       Dr. Aras updated the lab on the John Rogers lab and Waldo lab collaborations.

·       Brianna, Sofian, and Dr. George will be attending the 7th NHLBI Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine Symposium this week, and Brianna and Sofian will be presenting their research.

Papers and projects to look out for in the future:

Journal Club #3

Journal Club is back everyone! Today, we had our third journal club where most of our lab members attended and Dr. Sharon George gave an amazing presentation. She possesses great presentation skills and shared her advice and tips with the lab. Her tips summarized how to format your presentation in order to project your point across different audiences.


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